The word IMAX stands for “Image Maximum.”  IMAX films are extremely high resolution and shown on very large screens. There are currently almost 700 IMAX theatres around the world— and seven of them are in the Denver Metro area.


Viewing a movie in a Denver IMAX theatre is a very different experience compared to seeing a movie in a traditional movie theatre. While regular movie theatres provide excellent venues for watching films, IMAX theatres take the movie-going experience to a whole new level.

Denver Colorado IMAX

Because the screens in Denver IMAX theatres are so large, viewers in the audience almost feel as though they are actually inside of the movie scene, so watching a film on an IMAX screen is a unique experience. In a regular movie theatre, it is possible to see where the screen begins and ends. In an IMAX theatre, on the other hand, the screen is very large, high, and wide. In fact, the screen is so big that it does not seem to have a frame around it. All Denver IMAX theatres are designed so that every viewer in the audience has an excellent view of the screen no matter where he or she is sitting. There is not a bad seat in the house!


IMAX films are produced with extremely high technology. This type of film is expensive and also very time consuming to produce. Most IMAX films are shot on location around the world and sometimes take more than two years to produce. Many IMAX films are educational in nature or they are documentaries. IMAX films are extremely detailed and an incredible amount of time is spent on planning each shot and scene, on editing, and on enhancing every aspect of the film before it is finalized. In some cases, popular feature and/or classic films are  converted into IMAX movies so that audiences can enjoy their favorite movies in greater and more realistic detail.


Because Denver IMAX theatres often show educational films, they are popular destinations for school field trips. Therefore, on days when school is normally in session, IMAX theatres are often packed with school-aged children.


There are many movie theatres in the Denver Metro area. Some move theatres have dozens of screens showing any number of films on a given day. But there are only seven IMAX screens in Denver. Following is a list of Denver IMAX theatres. Please check each individual theatre’s website for additional information about current IMAX movies being shown, movie times, and prices.


Denver Area IMAX Theatres:


Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Address: 2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80205

Phone: (303) 370-6000


UA Colorado Center Stadium 9

Address: 2000 S. Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80222

Phone: (303) 757-8665


UA Colorado Mills Stadium 16

Address: 14500 W. Colfax Ave., Lakewood, CO 80401

Phone: (303) 590-1630


AMC Arapahoe Crossing 16

Address: 6696 S. Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80016

Phone: (303) 766-7200


AMC Highlands Ranch 24

Address: 103 W. Centennial Blvd, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Phone: (303) 471–6911


AMC Orchard 12

Address: 14653 Orchard Parkway, Westminster, CO 80023

Phone: (303) 920-1222


AMC Promenade 24

Address: 10655 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80020

Phone: (303) 439-7014