Denver City and County Building     Denver is the largest city in Colorado, and it’s also the state capital. Including the 12 counties that make up the Denver Metro area, there is a population of approximately 3.1 million people. This makes the entire metropolitan area the 16th most populous in the United States. What does this mean in terms of the county courts in Denver? It means the court system is always busy!

Denver County Court has a three-point mission:
1) To administer justice fairly, efficiently and effectively
2) To provide excellent customer service
3) To foster a positive environment where employees enjoy their work

There are many reasons why a person may need to utilize the Denver County Courts. According to, the following questions are the most frequently answered on the Denver County Court website:

1) How can a person access court records?
2) Where is the Denver County Court childcare center and when is it open?
3) What are the costs of civil fees?
4) Where can information about jury duty be found?
5) How can a person file a protection order?
6) What is the process used to clear an Outstanding Judgment or Warrant?
7) How does a person clear a warrant?
8) What are the steps for disputing a Regional Transportation District (“RTD”) ticket?
9) How does a person file a case in Small Claims Court?
10) What are the instructions to pay a ticket without appearing in court?

Denver County Court serves many divisions including: Civil, Criminal, Interpreters, Juvenile, Marshals, Parking, Probation, Small Claims, and Traffic.
Denver County Courts are located in Downtown Denver with three primary locations:
• The City and County Building: 1437 Bannock Street
• The Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse: 520 W. Colfax Avenue
• The Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center: 490 W. Colfax Avenue

Online Services:
It is possible to pay fines, cancel warrants, file appeals (civil, traffic or criminal), review a court docket, request an interpreter, request transcripts, and search cases via the Denver County Courts’ online system. The process is simple and more information is available by clicking here.
Looking for Denver County Court Forms?
Many forms to be filed in the Denver County Court can be found online. Some can be completed and submitted electronically, while others must be printed and mailed or submitted in person. Civil forms, criminal forms, protection order forms, small claims forms, and other miscellaneous forms can all be found here.

Self Help Resources
Navigating the Denver County Courts can be complicated and confusing – especially for individuals who are representing themselves pro se in a court case or for those who simply need information and don’t know where to find it. Click here for easy to access information related to court terminology, common legal definitions, and explanations of complicated court processes.

Other Common Denver County Court Services
The Denver County Court system provides a multitude of services. Anyone in need of information related to marriage licenses, divorce procedures, identity theft, passports, civil unions, or even for details about the other courts within the State of Colorado can easily access detailed information on these subjects by clicking here.
Need More Information?
Anyone unable to find answers to questions via the Denver County Courts website can visit any of the three court buildings (see addresses above) in person during regular business hours. Denver County Courts are closed on state and federal holidays.